photo by Martyna (from Wonderful and Strange)

photo by Martyna (from Wonderful and Strange)

hello, my name's colin and i like to film things...

unsurprisingly, one of my biggest interests and passions lies in cinema. the silver screen. the auld picture-flicks. i'm drawn to the less-mainstream, more alternative side of the film industry, which has definitely informed my shooting style when it comes to weddings. i like to go against the grain and do things a little differently, so if you're looking for something more traditional and by the book, i'm probably not your guy. 

i am a big believer in the impact and importance of film as a visual storytelling medium, and orangetide was born out of a genuine love and desire to try and tell the best stories i can through moving images; be it a music video, a film or even a wedding!

so lets get started - head over here to read more about my style.