Progress Table

due to the lengthy edit times that come with video production, it's difficult to project an eta quite far in advance. so i'd rather not put a timescale on more recent weddings, as i'd most likely change it too much as time went on. as a rule i usually say upwards of about 5 months; depending on the time of year.  

i try and update the progress table at least once a week, maybe more, so feel free to check back in anytime and see if there's been any movement.

if your wedding has a progress update of more than 20%, and you're going for the feature film, then that means your ceremony/speeches/first dance have been edited. so if you're really wanting to see something then let me know and i can send those videos over to you. i'd prefer for you to see the more creative edits (highlight video/trailer) first but, like i say, if you're choking to see something i'm happy to send those sections over for you.

Name                                            Progress              eta

Aileen + Gregor                                                  50%                      July
Kirsty + Danny                                                   10%                   July/Early
Cara + John                                                      5%                      August
Adele + Mark                                                     0%                    Late August
Rosalyn + David                                                  0%                       TBC
Nadine + Ryan                                                    0%                       TBC
Sarah + Charlie                                                  0%                       TBC