Highlights Only

this is a fairly new addtion so i don’t actually have any examples to show yet, but if you watch the below video and imagine something around double the length then that should be pretty cose to what this package is. maybe two song lengths instead of one.

  • coverage from prep in the morning up to the first few dances

  • 1 minute teaser

  • 8 minute-ish short film - no audio from the day will be recorded

  • i will choose the music that will be in the video - more in the FAQ

  • digital delivery only - more in the FAQ 

so in total you’ll get 2 videos - the highlight film and the trailer.

if the ‘feature film’ is too much and the ‘highlights only’ isn’t enough then you might like to have a look at our ‘tailored video’ package.

for more info check out the FAQ page.