The Style

i try and keep it pretty informal and laid back, i'm not one for setting up or staging moments, i just let events unfold naturally and i capture it as i see it. i might ask you to walk so that i can get some moving shots, but that will be the extent of my input. other than that, you probably won't really hear from me. i try and blend in, staying in the background, trying to catch people at their most relaxed.

i'm not a big fan of carrying around a lot of gear, so i try and travel as light as possible, using small, unobtrusive equipment, avoiding the use of tripods outside of the ceremony and speeches, opting for a more hand-heldy look. i feel shooting hand-held offers a more candid perspective, it feels more natural, like you're capturing something real. something that's just happened spontaneously, off-the-cuff, something that has never happened before and will never happen again, which i feel fits a wedding perfectly.

i use vhs style elements in my videos because, as crazy as it sounds, that look is now considered quite vintage. so other than it looking cool and hip, it also gives me the warm nostalgia feels; like being hugged by the 90's. which might sound like quite an odd feature for a wedding, but i would argue that, even though your wedding is about celebrating the present and looking forward to your future together, it's also about remembering the past: how you met, what led you to this moment, who was there to help out along the way, the people who can't be there to celebrate etc., and ultimately letting go of that to move on and start this new life together. so combining the old (vhs) with the new (hd) to create a beautiful fusion that encompasses the full experience.